First International Taiko Gathering

First International Taiko Gathering
IN Belgium
Still hesitating … While there are 6 super sensei at your disposal for 3 days ?

Beibei Wang – Famous Multi-Percussionist Leads Half-day Masterclasses.
Takuya Taniguchi – Phenomenal solo artist offers a typical creation every day.
Art Lee – Ed Odaiko Contest Winner Teaches an Open Creation Every Day.
Yukari Ichise – Enthusiastic Lady Dynamite Guides Us to Fascinating Rhythms through Different Movements.
Silke Hanzen – Specialist in did originalactic approaches gives technical drills during half-day workshops.
Dean Havixbeck – Outstanding Assistant and Coach Brings Joy and Fun in Case of Difficult/Content Moments.
Join us and enjoy the full board offer at 375 s to learn more about taiko and meet other taiko-freaks!
If you only have 1 day off, make to save Nov 2nd for the unforgettable Masters Concert at the end of the day.
You Will Find More Details About Residential or Day-Participants-Arrangements on the First International Taiko Gathering registration


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