TAKUYA’s original taiko album ‘Beautiful Colours’ is now available on the following major streaming services

Taiko-ist TAKUYA
(Top Japanese Taiko Player Takuya Taniguchi)

Takuya was born in 1983 in Fukui, Japan. Now, he is based in Munich, Germany since 2011.
Takuya has been playing the Taiko from the age of three. At the age of 16, he founded a Taiko group called “TENRYU-DAIKO”. In July 2002 he won a special prize of the “Viennese World Youth Music Festival” in Vienna. In 2003 he was accepted into his master Eitetsu Hayashi’s ensemble called “FUUN-NO-KAI”. Since he became a professional player of the Taiko, he has performed on many occasions such as: International Taiko Festival Ecstasia, Tokyo Summer Music Festival 2004, performance at the National Theatre in Tokyo with “KU-KAI-SEN-KYO” and many more exciting events throughout his career.