Takuya Taniguchi Japanese Taiko Workshop

Takuya Taniguchi Japanese Taiko Workshop
Practice the basics for playing supple body expression and core sounds,
Try THE TAKUYA original song!-

This is a one-time pre-workshop in front of the regular course scheduled to start in June.

Contents: A workshop by up-and-coming TAKUYA who is a member of the Eitetsu Fuun association and is also scheduled to make his CD debut from Columbia, Japan.
With a dynamic movement based on Hokuriku's three-strike, you can learn a new expression of Japanese taiko.

Use drums: If you have a large drum or taiko bee, such as a long body, please bring it with you.

Date: Sunday, March 30
Time: 14:00 – 16:50
Fee: 6,300 yen


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